Food & Fit | How to get a killerbody like French male model Stephane Rodrigues




Meet Steph Rodrigues, 32 years old, fashion lover, traveler, successful model and personal coach from Paris! We know each other for almost six years. We met in Cape Town, South Africa, while doing modeling. I know Steph as a very down to earth, extremely sporty and beautiful soul.

I asked this hot French man some questions about his very! healthy lifestyle.


What do you do to stay in this good shape and how does your diet look?

I work out minimum 5 times a week, I change between pure heavy workout, cardio workout (mainly in the morning) and functional workout like crossfit, mostly together with a friend.

I do an all year long diet, clean food, no meat, no dairy, low carb, low sugar but high in vegetables. Never ever fast food or processed food! Every morning I drink hot water with lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and raw honey. Then 30 minutes later I eat a good breakfast with warm oats, cinnamon, almond milk, a banana and some seasonal fruits. For lunch and diner I keep it clean, for example lots of spinach, wild rice, lentils and soy protein.

To relax I enjoy good company and I’m connected to the nature as much as I can.

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